Coloring in t-shirts

Coloring in has left the coloring book and arrived on t-shirts.
Coloring in has left the coloring book and arrived on t-shirts. T-shirts that you can color in are here! There are many t-shirt prints with lovely designs for you to color in with your favourite fabric pens to create something unique that you can wear with pride. The best designs are printed on white t-shirts so your colors come out well and have black lines to make up an image or pattern just like you would see in a coloring book. For best results choose good quality fabric pens and put a sheet of paper or card inside the t-shirt before you start to avoid any color going through to the other side. Our number one tip to achieve great results is to hold down the fabric near where you are coloring with your spare hand to stop the t-shirt moving too much as you color. This will help you get the color just where you want it and nowhere else! Coloring in t-shirts are a great idea for children's craft parties.
T-Shirt to color in

Coloring Book T-Shirts - Puppy Dog Tee Happy Puppy Shirt

If you are looking for a t-shirt that can be colored in by a complete beginner this puppy design is a good place to start. Just grab your fabric pens and apply some creativity and the results can be amazing.
T-Shirt to color in

Coloring Book T-Shirts - Baby Bear Tee

Such a cute little bear is hard to resist and with your own creative flair you can reall make him your own. This is a great one to use thick nibbed fabric pens on and can be done quickly.
T-Shirt to color in

Coloring Book T-Shirts - Cute Kitten Tee

Kids that love animals will have fun adding their favorite colors to this cute kitten t-shirt that is just calling out to be colored in. Great for children of all ages. Wear it with pride!
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What do you need to get going?

The most important thing you need is a love of coloring or a friend that does! Secondly, make sure you don't forget to get some good quality fabric pens or markers to get the best our of your coloring in t-shirts. You want to choose good quality pens with lots of ink in them because your t-shirt will absorb more color than it would if you were doing the same thing on paper. Good quality pens and 100% cotton tshirts make the best combination and give you the best chance you your t-shirt holding it's new color wash after wash. It is worth sliding some thick paper or card inside the t-shirt before your start to avoid any ink bleeding through to the wrong side!

Think of your audience when buying your t-shirt.

If you a looking to buy a t-shirt for a child to color in you have many children's sizes to choose from however consider the complexity of the design and the thickness of the pens you plan on getting. You can get away with thicker nibbed pens for designs that have less detail and have bigger blocks of area to color. This combination is a good idea if your are planning on hosting a coloring in t-shirt party. Finer more detailed designs may be tricky for young children to color especially as the t-shirt fabric is likely to move when it is being colored in. If you do choose a design with lots of small fiddly bits to color then consider buying coloring pens with a finer nib.

Add your own embellishments.

We like to think of the picture on these t-shirts as ideas that can be embellished. Often the design you have to color in only take up a small percentage of the whole t-shirt. Use your creativity to extend the picture or pattern you have to color. Add some stars, a sky with a sun and clouds, some flowers or any accessory that complements the original design. With a little imagination you can make your t-shirt really unique.

Make the color last longer.

Always make sure you read any instructions that come with your t-shirt and inks carefully. To get longer lasting colors some instructions advise against washing for a 24 hour period and some recommend ironing over the inked area to make the pen ink color-fast. You will want to make the colors on your t-shirt to last as long as possible so with a little extra effort may make all the difference.

New designs

We are always on the lookout for new t-shirts that you can color in. If it has creative flair and shouts 'I am fun' when you look at it, then it has a good chance of being added to our collection. Come back soon to see what' new.

Now what?

Take a selfie wearing your new t-shirt and show the world your coloring skills via social media! Next, hone your coloring in skills on another t-shirt and maybe try one with more detail. Enjoy!